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Carriers - Seeking Qualified, Safe and Responsible Carriers

Rosewoods Transportation is always seeking qualified, safe and responsible carriers.

Carrier Requirements

Fill out with your company name, address, federal ID number and sign at the bottom.

Insurance Certificate
Name, phone and fax numbers of Insurance Provider. Must include Motor Cargo and liability of at least $100,000. Please name Rosewoods Transportation, Inc. as an additional Insured.

A copy of your federal operating authority with your MC number and your company legal name.

Please provide us with the phone numbers and names to contact.

Completed Contract Carrier Agreement

Payment / Credit

  • Our terms are net 21 days of receipt of original POD
  • Same day quick pay available
  • 40% advance available
Duns no. 61-950-4889
Riverview Bank / Camas, WA / 360-834-2231 / Acct. no. 5500001221

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